The Purpose Behind Pure & Simple

Pure & Simple's mission is to empower women to lean in toward a more simple lifestyle. 


In today's hectic world, Pure & Simple aims to provide clarity and simplify the process of learning to make healthier choices and get back to the basics. Pure and simple ingredients and ways of life should embraced, not shied away from.


So...buckle're about to embark on a journey toward simple living that is what YOU make of it. Take what you want, and leave the rest. 

The Story Behind Pure & Simple


Several years ago, I started diving DEEP into learning about endocrine disruptors and how they affect our health.


That made me wonder, why do more people not know about how harmful they can be?


First, let me give you a peek into my teenage years.


I used to be the gal using all the bath & body works basics. The lotions, candles, and body sprays were my bread and butter. A winter wonderland hand sanitizer would be in my purse, and a sweet apple pie scented plug-in? You bet that bomb of fragrance would certainly retain an outlet 24/7.


Now, I wouldn't DREAM of spraying those on myself or using that lotion. I now know that fragrance (which is in all of the products above) is a blanket term for a chemical cocktail, loaded with potentially hundreds of chemicals under that "one" ingredient.


I've always been interested in more holistic remedies, like essential oils and making my own DIY products (whether they were healthier versions, or not).


However, once I learned about the harmful things on the market and how they affect your health, I've tried to make better choices. And I've experienced the benefits of finding healthier swaps in my daily use products, like glowing skin, peace of mind, and saving money, for example. 


And, the good news is, there are SO many companies out there doing better and making the switch easier. It's also fun to make your own products when you can as well. 

This whole process has led me down a path I don't want to come back from. I've learned (and continue to learn) so much about myself and life through leaning in to my health and wellness journey. And that's what it's all about...the journey, not the destination. 


All in all, I want you to find those benefits of a simpler lifestyle, too. Which is why I created this blog, friend. To do the research and experimenting and document the process. 


Let's get to it, shall we?

Head over to the blog to start your journey toward simple living. 


See you there!