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I'm Hannah, a girl who's trying to find the balance of living simply in a hectic world. 

It's always the "latest and greatest" tech gadget, fancy clothes, or health product promoted in the media that promises to make us happy and fulfilled, but they never do.

Waking up to the number of possessions I owned and how it didn't correlate to my happiness occurred when I was packing up for college six years ago. I had two bursting closets full of clothes and shoes that I never wore. 

After living in a tiny dorm room for two years and later out of a suitcase as I studied abroad for four months, I realized I needed to get rid of the things that no longer served me. Why had I held onto all of these things in the first place?

I wish someone told me I never had to. 

I'm discovering that through slowly simplifying my belongings and lifestyle I feel more free, creative, and happy in a way I never imagined; all while leaving room to do what I love in life. 

Living with less has opened the door to other things that I'm passionate about, like wholesome meals and treats, nontoxic living, and overall health and wellness! 

Pure & Simple is a lifestyle blog about choosing to live simply both inside and out. I'll be covering natural skincare, essential oils, healthy recipes, decluttering tips, and much more! Follow along with my journey and I guarantee you'll learn something new.

I truly believe that balance is key. Make changes that are right for you and take it one step at a time! 

© 2019 pure & simple by hannah hippe

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