• Hannah Hippe

The Best Essential Oil Blend For Scars

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Scars are marks on our bodies that are a visual representation of our journey. They're surface level, but they have unique stories that can represent your years on this planet, specific memories, or regrets.

That being said, you are not your scars or the "imperfections" on your skin (including cellulite, birthmarks, stretch marks, or any type of distinction on your body). They do not define you. Just as someone with "perfect" skin is not defined by that fact either. Which...good luck finding someone with zero imperfections!

Accepting that the marks on our bodies do not define us makes "getting rid" of them much less important.

However, a scar roller comes in handy if you want to lessen the visual impact of it or improve the repairing process on a current scrape. Every scar tells a tale, but sometimes we'd prefer to reduce it's appearance naturally. If that sounds like you, then read on!

All of the oils in this blend are a perfect match for revitalizing the skin's tissue to promote healing and cellular turnover. Regardless of if it heals my scar or not, I know that it is rejuvenating my skin one way or the other.

Utilizing a scar roller is a great preventative tool as well. When a new cut/scrape has begun healing, you can use this roller blend on it regularly to prevent a new scar from taking shape.

As always, I use Organic Jojoba Oil as my carrier oil of choice. Using jojoba oil will aid in the skins overall healing process. It contains Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins, which will help in skin repair and damage control. Jojoba oil is also great at reducing redness and calming the skin.

Roller blends offer the convenience of being travel-friendly and easy to use. If you have larger scars, are using it for more than one person, or want a bigger batch, I'd recommend using a glass dropper-bottle, like this one. (Even better if you can up-cycle a glass dropper you already own!)

If you are making a roller blend, I recommend re-using a roller you own that's already empty! If that's the case, you'll need a tool like the one above to remove the metal ball and be able to refill the bottle. Otherwise, start fresh with roller bottles like these on Amazon. They're the ones that I ordered a couple of years ago and have been refilling ever since.

Now to the recipe! I'm using a 10 ml roller bottle for this blend.

*Citrus oils are photosensitive, meaning they are not safe in the sun until 12 hours after they've been applied. I use this at night, so it is never an issue for me. If you'd prefer to use the blend in the morning, please replace the Lemon oil in this recipe with Geranium or Eucalyptus essential oil, or leave it out altogether.

*If using on children, please do your own research on a safe dilution rate.

Remember to LABEL your final product! You don't want to forget what it is or get it mixed up with another blend. I highly recommend writing down (either on a label or phone, notebook, etc.) what you put IN the blend as well. This is extremely helpful when it comes to refilling it in case you tweaked anything or swapped out another oil. It's also partially why I started this blog! I wanted a space where I could record my journey toward natural living, (which includes all my oil recipes) and help make a positive impact. My goal is to encourage people to take steps toward what works best for you and your lifestyle.