• Hannah Hippe

How To Create Your Vision Board For 2019

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Do visions boards really work? Heck yeah, they do. Visualization is the key to success in most areas of your life, whether you’ve discovered it yet or not.

Visualization truly helped me achieve many of my goals in the sports I played when I was younger (thanks Mom for instilling its importance). When I would go for that lay-up or was next up to bat, I would visualize the ball gently bouncing into the hoop or my bat hitting the center of the ball. It's a proven fact that visualization is a powerful tool if used correctly.

According to Psychology Today, “It’s been found that mental practices (like visualization) can enhance motivation, increase confidence and self-efficacy, improve motor performance, prime your brain for success, and increase states of flow.” That’s why so many athletes, business owners, and actors use visualization as a mental strategy for success.

While practicing visualization can work most of the time, it didn’t work for me if my intentions were coming from a negative place. I needed to visualize from a sense of self-improvement, not on the basis of selfish reasons or to prove something to others.

The same goes for vision boards. Creating a successful vision board means it should be focused on your goals as well as aspirations and come from a place with positive intentions.

Which leads into, how do you go about making a vision board?

While all these steps aren’t entirely necessary, I feel they add to the intention behind your vision board, which will aid in the process of your aspirations coming to fruition!

The first step: create the right space. Light a candle, put on your comfy clothes and do whatever else that will help you get into a positive headspace to pick out your ambitions for the year. Have on your favorite playlist and grab a notebook and pen.

Before you go crazy and put a bunch of different things on your board, I like to make it a little more specific. Ask yourself what you want this year to look and feel like. Adding an emotion to your board will make it much more effective. Try to pick 3-5 areas to work on. These can range from: relationships, career, travel, finances, fitness/health, and so on. But remember, there’s always next year! You don’t want to overwhelm your subconscious with a million different ideas, either.

Brainstorm areas in your notebook or on your phone and narrow them down to a few. Mine are: travel, grow in my yoga practice, maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle, and create new content every week.

Decide if you want to do a digital board, a physical one, or both. Whether you have a supply of magazines at home or access to a printer might make the decision for you. (I had neither of those so I went digital.)

For a digital board:

-Pinterest is a great way to find inspirational images/words/quotes. Obviously, there’s always Google, too.

-Make sure you’re finding images and words on how you want to feel this year (not just how you want to look). It helps to have those words to guide your mentality to the right place in addition to the media you put on your board.

-I used a site called PicMonkey (there’s a free trial for 7 days) to create mine, but you can also use Canva, a word document, or whatever else you prefer!

-Download it and use it as the wallpaper on your computer/phone or print it off and put it somewhere you’ll see it often.

For a physical board:

-Pick out a poster board, piece of paper, whatever you want your images to be on. This can be whatever you make of it. I’ve seen framed vision boards, regular poster boards, and even one’s on notebook paper. Make it however you please!

-Cut pictures from magazines, print off pictures and quotes you like, and paste them on your board.

-Make sure to put it somewhere you will see it often like your desk or your fridge.

You may think it’s a done deal by hanging it up and not giving it much thought. But, over the course of the year, if you aren’t giving the time of day to your board, you won’t reap the benefits it displays.

Make sure you are paying attention to it regularly. This doesn’t mean you need to study it for hours, but simply look at the pictures and visualize the benefits of your board while you have your morning coffee or brush your teeth. Make sure to visualize how you want to feel when those images come true, too. Our emotions play a strong role in fulfilling our desires.

Though creating a vision board helps to inspire our dreams, it needs to be paired with positive action. Your dreams won't come true simply by staring at your board, you have to incorporate effort as well.

Start taking small steps toward the goals on your board. If losing weight is one of your priorities, then start by cooking at home more often. Then work toward a gym membership, or doing workouts at home. Our intentions will be come true when we take the necessary steps toward them.

Have an open mind, and start creating a vision board that will inspire and motivate you to build the habits needed to accomplish your goals. You've got this!