• Hannah Hippe

Hitting the re-set button: 5 ways to get your life together for spring

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Now that spring has decided to grace us with its presence the opportunity for our own renewal and fresh start begins as well. Spring is the perfect time to delve into new goals or projects, observe the fascinating re-creation of all things green outside, and truly get in the right mindset for summer.

With that in mind, there are a few things that if you achieve this spring, will allow you to flow right on into warm, sunny days with the right attitude and a feeling of accomplishment. Doing so will leave you with more time to soak up those rays and spend the rest of spring and summer enjoying the weather and quality time with loved ones, which is what summer is all about.

1. Declutter what you didn't use the previous season

Go through your winter clothing/gear and figure out what you want to keep for next year, and what you can let go of if you only wore it once or twice this winter. I like to do this after each season because it forces me to be realistic of what I actually used that year. If I didn't touch it, I set it aside!

This is also the perfect time to bring out your spring/summer clothes if you have them tucked away. Make a trip to donate what you no longer want or save a pile for friends and family to go through. Better yet, if you have more stuff than you thought, try selling them online or saving it for a garage sale.

2. Deep clean your space

Spring cleaning is an obvious step but there's a reason why its so common. It's necessary. Open up your windows and get some fresh air flowing through your home. Light some candles or set a diffuser up and running and get to all those places you typically don't clean day-to-day.

While it may seem daunting, once its finished you'll be patting yourself on the back and enjoying your clean home! Make a list to help keep track of what you've already done.

3. Have a life admin day

You know all those things in the back of your mind that you know you should do soon? It could be getting an oil change, making a doctor appointment, fixing an appliance, meal prepping, diy projects, clearing out your computer, organizing pictures, going through emails, etc.

Make a list of all of those little things that have to get done but you just haven't gotten to yet. Set aside a day or weekend to do those projects, make those calls you haven't had time to get to, and fix random items in your space.

My life admin day included making pillow covers, re-potting plants, decluttering the kitchen, unsubscribing from junk emails, washing our bedding, and ordering a part for my car. Completing the random items that had been on my to-do list for a bit too long lifted a weight off my shoulders that I didn't even realize was there.

4. Clean out your car

Most of us spend more time than we realize in our cars, so why not give them some attention too? Every spring I like to detail the heck out of my dashboard, wash all of the mats off and vacuum the floors up. It doesn't hurt to throw a car wash in there, too. I try to wait until after the ground has firmed up a bit and there's not a ton of mud everywhere.

5. Work out new goals/routines

Now comes the time to open up those planners and notebooks. I like to start with what I call a "brain dump". Jot down anything that comes to mind about your life, (spring goals, new habits, any thoughts, feelings about where you're at right now) without filtering yourself. You don't need complete sentences or correct grammar. It could be a list of words, even. A brain dump is whatever works best for you. This should take about 10 minutes, maybe more depending on where your writing takes you.

Take a look at what you wrote. What do you wish you would change? Did something come up that surprised you, or that you didn't realize you felt? Write down your realizations, and translate those into your goals or new desired habits/routines.

For example, if you wrote something like: Not feeling the best lately, haven't been taking good care of myself. Want to have more energy. Be in shape for summer.

Goal/idea would then be: I want to nourish my body with whole foods and start going for a walk everyday for 15 minutes to increase my energy. I want to make time for at least 10 minutes of self-care each day by reading or journaling in order to feel better.

That was just one example but this process should allow you to visualize how to shake up your routine and create new goals for yourself, with a "why" behind them. Having a reason behind wanting to lose weight, eat healthier, start reading more, etc. will help you stick with setting a goal for yourself and takes it beyond just writing it down.

So many people make goals and have a hard time sticking to them because they didn't get to the source of desire behind the change. Also, give yourself time to get to your goals. Start with small changes and set realistic goals that build up to your final goal.

These tips don't have to be done in any specific order, either. It took me a weekend to do a lot of these and I still have yet to clean out my car, but I know I'll get to it soon.

Spring is the ideal time to focus inward and really figure out your intentions for the coming season. Going into summer with a fresh start by deep-cleaning your space are more obvious re-set triumphs.

Often, the overlooked part comes from within. Decluttering your mind by having a life admin day will free up more space for whatever life throws your way. Taking the time to create fresh goals and habits while determining why you want to implement them will spark positive vibes and have you pumped for another summer full of memories.

Happy cleaning and goal-setting!